About Us

Discimport.dk I/S operates both with webshop and physical stores in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Silkeborg. It is possible to get personal service in our stores and be guided throug your next discgolf experience. Check our opening hours here.

Passion and Goals

Discimport is based on interest and a burning love for discgolf and ultimate frisbee. Everyone deserves to be able to play with high-quality discs and frisbees.

  • Denmark’s largest assortment.  With more than 200,000 products in stock, we are the leading retailer in terms of quality and supply in Denmark. Our goal is not necessarily to be the cheapest retailer, but to deliver the best product, the widest range and, not least, the best customer service.
  • Ensure the development of disc golf and ultimate sport.  We have an ambition to contribute to the development of the disc golf sport and ultimate sport in Denmark. We provide guidance on equipment and make the equipment available to the practitioners. We support both the broad and the elite, as well as providing targeted sponsorships to players, clubs and tournaments. You can learn more about Team Discimport here.

Specialists in discgolf and ultimate frisbee

We specialize in two types: One is an ultimate frisbee which is used in the team game called ultimate. The other is a golf disc and is used in the sport of discgolf. There are many different frisbee models on the market – we have more than 10000 of them in our warehouse spread over more than 500 different models. Unlike the toy stores, we call them discs, and OUR discs CAN fly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

History of Discimport in Danish frisbee and disc sport

We have been selling discs since 1999. We started the company in recognition of the fact that it was too difficult in Denmark to get hold of the ‘right’ frisbee. We therefore started Discimport to make discs for ultimate and disc golf more accessible to both professionals, amateurs, schools and companies in Denmark.

Company information

Discimport is owned by Mikael Birkelund Jensen-Johansen
Contact: Kundeservice@discimport.com
Phone: +45 61 48 44 69
CVR 28370318

Bank: Spar Nord
Account Number: 9347-4565547955
IBAN: DK1693474565547955
Swift: SPNODK22