Axiom Disc is a brand in the MVP network founded by the two brothers Brad & Chris Robinson in 2010, who prior had been working in their father’s injection molding factory and specialized in two-step molding processes. They implemented this in the production of their first mold, the Ion at first to get a grippier rim to catch the chains better but quickly discovered the gyro effect, and thus the GYRO® technology was born. GYRO® shifts the weight to the outside of the rim to make the disc spin for longer, keeping the disc in air for longer and making it fly further.  Although Axiom is part of MVP they set themself apart with vibrant colors on the GYRO® rims and their will to experiment with molds to compliment the MVP lineup.
In 2021, MVP sponsored, James Conrad won the World Championship by throwing in his Axiom Envy from 77 meters (252ft) on the last hole of the tournament (this shot is refered to as the “Holy shot”), to force a playoff which Conrad would go on to win.