The name of the company refers to where Skellefteå (Sweden) is located at the 64° latitude.
Latitude 64° had their first mold approved by PDGA in 2006 and is well known for their classic molds like the Pure, Fuse, River and Saint. “When quality matters” is the motto of Latitude 64° and is reflected in everything they do, they also have one of the most advanced and automated production facilities in disc golf. When you get a disc from their new lineup the “Royal line” the plastic is top quality and the molds have quickly become some of the most popular molds Latitude 64° produces. Another way Latitude 64° stands out, is their Easy to use line. These discs are light weight, and the molds are understable, which can help beginners gain more distance and straighter flights.
Latitude 64° have a wide selection of product that ranges from disc golf baskets, bags, merchandise, and accessories to their disc line up.
Latitude 64° and Dynamic Discs partnered up in 2012 and later acquired Westside Discs in 2017. That is why Latitude 64°, Dynamic Discs and Westside is commonly referred to by their fans as Trilogy.

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