After two years of testing Prodigy Disc jumped onto the disc golf scene in 2013, with a lineup of 18 new molds within the first year. Immediately Prodigy Discs picked up a bunch of the very best disc golfers and was at the time considered an All Star team. Noteable players: Catrina Allen, Paige Pierce, Cale Leiviska, Paul Ulibarri, Garrett Gurthie, Cameron Colglazier, Nikko Locastro, Ricky Wysocki, Jeremy Koling and Will Schusterick.
Prodigy Disc was the first manufacturer to pay their professional players salaries as part of being sponsored.

All through Prodigy’s history the key has been their close collaboration with their sponsored players. Like seen with the  Reverb and Distortion in the collab with Kevin Jones  or the collab with Cale Leiviska which produced the Falcor and the Stryder.

Prodigy way of naming their disc:
The system starts with a letter and then a number.
The letters are: PA which stands for Putt and Approach, A for Approach, M for Midrange, F for Fairway Driver, H for Hybrid Drivers, D for Distance Drivers & X for Extra Speed Distance Driver. This is combined with a with a number from 1 – 9 that describes the discs stability, 1 is the most overstable and 9 is the most understable.

The plastic types is also named in order from 200 to 750, the higher the number the higher quality and certain plastics comes in a softer version called Soft and a stiffer version called G. Base line plastic ranges from 200 to 350G, these beats in quiet quickly. Premium begins at 400 and goes to the most durable 750G.

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