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Ed Headrick: Father of Disc Golf and Frisbee Visionary (1964-1976)

Super Pro signed by Ed Headrick

Welcome back to the grassroots movement of the past, where disc golf was born and shaped by the legendary Ed Headrick. Let’s take a journey back in time to the period of 1964-1976, where the nascent beginnings of disc golf took place, and Ed Headrick played the lead role as the creative conductor behind this groundbreaking sport.

1964: The First Disc Sees the Light of Day

In 1964, Ed Headrick stepped into the spotlight as a true pioneer by designing the very first disc created specifically for the sport – Wham-O’s Pro Model. This groundbreaking disc marked the first throw towards establishing disc golf as an independent sport.

1967: International Frisbee Association Comes to Life

Ed Headrick didn’t stop there. In 1967, he founded the International Frisbee Association (IFA), creating a community and platform that would be the foundation for the growth and development of disc golf. With the establishment of IFA, “frisbee” became not just a legendary toy but an official part of a growing sport.

1975: The First Permanent Course and Disc Golf’s First Home

In 1975, Ed Headrick took his next bold step by establishing the world’s first permanent disc golf course in La Canada, California. With goals made of pipes, this place became the first home for a sport that was taking shape—the cradle of disc golf.

1976: The Disc Golf Basket Revolutionizes the Sport

The year 1976 was engraved as a pivotal moment in disc golf history. Ed Headrick invented the disc golf basket, a brilliant idea that provided players with a target structure to aim for. This year also saw the founding of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), an organization that would shape and govern the sport for decades to come.

PDGA: Guide for Discs and Masters of World Championships

PDGA, founded by Ed Headrick in 1976, has since evolved into the central body for disc golf. This organization sets guidelines for disc design, including restrictions on weight, diameter, flexibility, and profile. With these guidelines, PDGA ensures that the competitive element remains fair and challenging.

Since 1982, PDGA has also hosted the World Championships in disc golf, an annual event that brings together the best players from around the world to compete for the championship title. This has not only strengthened the sport’s global position but has also contributed to its ever-growing popularity.

Ed Headrick, as one of PDGA’s founders, not only set the sport in motion but also created the framework for its development and competition. His vision and efforts are ingrained in the DNA of PDGA, and the organization remains a crucial player in shaping the future of disc golf.

So the next time you sling a disc through the air or send a frisbee into orbit, remember to thank Ed Headrick and PDGA for being the architects behind a sport that grows bigger and better with every throw.

Super Pro signed by Ed Headrick

Today, Ed Headrick is referred to as the “father” of the disc golf sport.