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Event of the year 2023

In week 33 2023, probably Denmark’s largest gathering of disc golf players took place. It happened in connection with Discgolf Vest organizing an AM DM. The vision was to gather the largest amateur field for a tournament on Danish soil, and we must say we succeeded. Over 330 amateur players were registered for the AM DM this year, which was only made possible by Discgolf Vest
thought outside the box.
How do you gather so many players and still manage to hold the tournament over only 3 days?
This can only be done with the help of an incredible number of volunteers, coordination, overview and the use of multiple lanes at once. A total of 3 courses were in use over the long weekend. The Skibild-Nøvling course is a park course in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The course is mentally demanding, as virtually every hole offers opportunities for birdies. Discgolf Vest has, through an incredibly close collaboration with the locals, created a small oasis of a course that challenges even seasoned players. If your approach shot or putts don’t sit on the day, it’s easy to fall way back in the overall standings.
Videbæk is a lane between city and highway. Here they have succeeded in creating a technically difficult course. Here, a couple of rounds from yellow are rated at 930, which undoubtedly makes it one of the more difficult courses in Jutland. Here’s the rough – rough. Here, too, there has been close collaboration with the locals to create a course unlike any other. Here you need to master virtually every kind of shot to get to the top of the scorecard.
The last course in play for this year’s AM DM was Momhøje. A nature course that is familiar to most people. It requires the long arm to be brought along to do it really well. At the same time, there’s plenty of forest to tease your mental game. Wind is always a factor on some of the long holes and when putting.
To accommodate as many people as possible, almost all rows were opened up. The ranks that were invited were the following: MJ15, MJ18, MA50, MA40, FA3, FA1, MA4, MA3, MA2 and MA1 and as something new, the Deaf DM was held together with. To accommodate all the players, local accommodation options in Vorgod-Barde were considered. This is also where the center of the tournament was located. Here, a large tent was set up for communal gatherings and a party on Saturday evening. There was also an opportunity right next door to set up tents and caravans for a communal camp. For the more leisurely, there were AirBNB, hotels and holiday homes in the local area, and they were booked up.

To help create an experience, various activities were planned that started early in the week and continued throughout the tournament, such as clinic with Martin & Kristian Spliid, par golf tournament and trilogy tournament. In collaboration with the sponsors, player packages were made for all players. These packages consisted of an umbrella, 2 discs, sports bag and a towel all from Latitude 64. During the tournament there were ace prizes, and on Friday and Saturday there were closes to pin for yellow and white tees. To make such a big tournament run smoothly, many hands are needed, and that’s where volunteers come in. The many volunteers have been indispensable.
For the tournament, arrangements were made with people from other clubs who could help out as TDs on the different courses. The locals from Discgolf West provided a lot of spotters, and on Friday, volunteers joined in and offered their services as spotters.
The local associations were also massively represented. In Momhøje, FDF scouts had a stall selling food and drinks. At the same time, they were responsible for making the pre-ordered sandwiches. In Skibild-Nøvling, their local association was responsible for a stall. Here they grilled food, and there was also the opportunity to buy drinks and sweets. There was a lot of curiosity about the event. The locals got to talk to several players, as well as take a tour of the pitch to see how the players, for example, play. tackled the challenges. In Videbæk, a hot dog stand was set up to cater for the hungry mouths that came to play. Again, the locals were curious about what was going on and asked about the game with interest. Discimport was present with a large pop-up shop, where they were welcoming and knowledgeable enough to help everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans. People could satisfy their cravings for new discs or replenish after a favorite disc might have been lost.
To emphasize how much the local community supported this DM event, Discgolf West managed to get 2. Deputy Mayor of Herning, Karlo Brondbjerg, to welcome you on Friday on the pitch in Momhøje. Karlo even plays disc golf with his son from time to time. He shared his enthusiasm for the sport and the importance of more courts, plus what this means for the local community. At the same time as Karlo, Erik Viborg, Chairman of Culture in Ringkøbing Skjern Municipality, was in Videbæk for the opening. Throughout the week, good spirits, smiles and joy were evident from players, organizers, volunteers and locals alike. Many ended the event by expressing the positive vibe and a desire for something in the future. Maybe it can be done again, who knows what the many enthusiasts in the sport will come up with? Exciting if there are ideas and desire in other clubs to take Am-Dm further – perhaps in a new direction.

The disc golf subcommittee of DFSU is looking forward to the gathering of club presidents on the 19th. November in Momhøje (see email to club presidents from Dennis Thygesen)

Last but not least, the winners of the different rows.

1 place went to Mads Haljær
A shared 2nd place went to Lina Taagaard and William Faarborg.

1 place went to Jeppe Nordstrøm hansen
2 plate for Isaac Plagborg
3rd place to Nikolaj Jensen

1 place went to Peder Klink
2 place to Sune Schrold
3 place to Steen Teudt

1 place went to Johan Selander
2nd place to Martin Terkelsen
And a shared 3rd place for Jacob Lykke and Tommy Plagborg

1 place went to Liv Jensen
2 place to Winnie Holdt

3rd place to Christina Simonia Straarup

1 place went to Gitte Maria Jørgensen
2 place to Kassandra Fog Wichmann
3 place to Sidsel Kubsch

1 place went to Søren Jacobsen
2 place to Casper Skjold Buhrkall
3 plate for Andreas Møller Nielsen

1 place went to Nicholai Güldner
2 place to Joakim Groevdal
And a shared 3rd place for Øjvind fredsgård Larsen and Jeppe strange

1 place went to Frederik Sølvsten
2 records for Jonas Petterson
And a shared 3rd place for Nicolai Thygesen Bayer and Frederik Meyer olesen

1 place went to Frederik Palsbjørn
2 place to Troels Rene Rasmussen
3rd place to Jeppe Damgaard

Deaf DM
1st place went to Emil Mitko Trillingsgaard Stabel
2 place to Christian Klim
3rd place to Ulrik Mjelva

Congratulations to all!!!

Article written by: Henning Kærsig
Adapted by: Karsten Iversen & Birger Nielsen