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P-38 Golf Disc with Fighter Aircraft Names (1984, Lightning)

Step into the world of Lightning’s golf discs and discover a chapter in disc golf history that began with the P-38. This disc pushed the boundaries of its time, boasting an impressively low profile and an incredibly fast flight. In 1987, it even set a new length record at 186.83 meters – an improvement of almost 20 meters compared to the previous record!

What makes the P-38 unique isn’t just its performance but also its early production, standing out with the use of silk screen printing instead of the traditional hotstamp. It adds an extra dimension to this legendary disc.

Steve Howle, the visionary behind Lightning, established a tradition of naming discs after famous American fighter planes. These discs, around 20 in total, are not just sports equipment – they are sought-after collectibles today.

Step into history, experience innovation, and collect these unique discs that bear witness to Steve Howle’s passion for both disc golf and American aircraft. Lightning has not only shaped the game but has also created a collector’s culture around their discs.