What is price match?

In order for price matching to apply, it is a prerequisite that the goods being compared are the same. That is, discs are of the same brand, mold, version and plastic type and clothes, bags and accessories are of the same brand, model, color and size.

It is also a prerequisite that the item is in stock at the other retailer and can be purchased at the applicable price.

We will ask for documentation of the price e.g. by presenting an advertisement, receipt or reference to the sale page.

Retailers we match

We price match all Danish retailers with Danish CVR no. with shipments from address in DK.

Price match applies when

  1. The item is in stock and can be purchased from a Danish retailer we price match.
  2. The goods being compared are identical (same technical specifications, brand and plastic type)
  3. The items that are compared with are found at the retailers we price match.
  4. The above 3 points can be documented

Price match does not apply to

  1. Items sold as demo, outlet or exhibition models.
  2. Items that are discounted due to opening offers or cessation sales.
  3. Items that are discounted due to club agreements with the retailer the item is sold at.
  4. Items found on sites other than the retailers we price match

Price match for online purchases

Make a purchase on Then send an email to our customer service on, where you provide your order number and attach documentation, e.g. a picture of the item with the price from the competitor (the date and time must be clearly stated). We will refund the difference to the payment card used within 14 business days.

Price match in our stores

Come and visit us at your nearest Discimport store and show the competitor’s price (e.g. in a magazine, on your smartphone or print documentation from home that documents the lower price) and we will match the price at the moment of purchase.
Price match must be made before the individual purchase, and can NOT be used after the purchase.

Price match and club- or discount agreements

Price match and discount by club agreement can NOT be combined. When applying price match to a specific item, the possibility of applying its club discount to the specific product ceases.