Disc Golf Instruktørkursus

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Make your club shine with our Disc Golf Instructor Course! Do you need more volunteers to handle the training? Or do your current coaches want to be inspired and educated? We have the solution for you! Our instructor course equips participants with the necessary skills to teach others disc golf. The course is led by an experienced instructor from Discimports who guides participants through an educational journey, so they are ready to share the joys of disc golf with others.

Our instructor course is of the highest quality, and we ensure that all participants feel comfortable conveying the essence of disc golf. The course is customized in collaboration with you and can be held at the location that suits you best.

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Discimports presents our professional Disc Golf Instructor Course, designed to strengthen your club and educate instructors who can share the joy of disc golf. Whether your club needs volunteers to lead the training or wants to develop your current coaches, our course is the ideal solution.

Our instructor course is a unique opportunity to train competent instructors who can guide others in disc golf. The course is led by an experienced instructor from Discimports who has in-depth knowledge of the game and teaching experience. During the course, participants will be equipped with valuable tools and knowledge to teach disc golf in an engaging and effective manner.

We customize the course in collaboration with you to fit your club’s specific needs and goals. Whether you are a new club looking to build a coaching staff or an established club seeking inspiration and updates, our instructor course is tailored to you.

The course includes at a minimum:

A requirement of at least 5 participants, with the possibility of additional fees for more than 10 participants.

Teaching from one of Discimports’ professional instructors who shares their expertise and knowledge.

Focus on conveying disc golf through practical exercises and games.

Thorough review of the basic elements of disc golf and technical training.

Didactic focus on teaching techniques that make it easy to convey the complexity of disc golf.

The course spans 5 training sessions, each with two 45-minute lessons, totaling 10 lessons.

We are dedicated to strengthening your club and helping you achieve greater success and quality in your disc golf training.