Axiom Eclipse R2 Neutron Crave Halloween Edition









165,00 DKK

Introducing the Axiom Eclipse R2 Neutron Crave Halloween Edition: Unleash the Night!



This limited-edition disc is a fusion of innovation, style, and performance, designed to help you conquer the fairways under the cover of darkness. Whether you’re navigating challenging lines or seizing opportunities on moonlit courses, the Eclipse R2 Crave is your key to disc golf excitement.

Key Features:

  1. Eerie Elegance: The Eclipse R2 Neutron Crave Halloween Edition boasts an enchanting design that captures the mystique of the night. With hauntingly captivating visuals and moonlit hues, this disc stands as a testament to the magic of Halloween and disc golf.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Crafted to maximize your throws during low-light conditions, the Eclipse R2 Crave offers enhanced performance attributes. Its flight dynamics are designed to provide reliable control and distance, ensuring that your throws navigate the night with precision.
  3. Collectible Appeal: As a limited-edition release, the Eclipse R2 Neutron Crave Halloween Edition holds a special place in the world of disc golf collectibles. Embrace the allure of owning a piece of disc golf history that commemorates a unique Halloween season.
  4. Unleash the Night: Embrace the spirit of Halloween and the essence of the night as you wield the Eclipse R2 Crave. Whether you’re enjoying an evening round or aiming to stand out on the course, this disc embodies the excitement and mystery of after-hours disc golf.
  5. Versatile Utility: From controlled fairway shots to accurate approaches, the Eclipse R2 Crave adapts to your playing style. Its balanced flight characteristics empower you to tackle challenges and explore new opportunities during your rounds.

Experience the thrill of disc golf under the cover of darkness with the Axiom Eclipse R2 Neutron Crave Halloween Edition. Unleash the night, embrace the magic, and elevate your game with a disc that’s as unique as the Halloween spirit itself.


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