Axiom Neutron Time-Lapse Simon Line Special Edition









2023-10-19 14:10
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Release date: 24/11/2023

Special Edition Time-Lapse with design by Mike Enscho.

When Simon joined MVP he wanted to try something completely different and MVP’s GYRO Technology sparked something in Simon, along with a unique opportunity for Simon to create his own line of discs in cooperation with MVP.




Mike Inscho is back to deliver the first Special Edition disc in the Simon Line, and the first 12-speed Distance Driver in the MVP Disc Sports lineup. Featuring a gorgeous triple-foil rendition of a disc striking through everything in its way, it perfectly encapsulates the Simon Line ethos on a disc that is sure to be a winner. Don’t let anything stand in your way on the course – break through and shoot for the stars with the Special Edition Neutron Time-Lapse! Special Edition releases only happen once, so get yours while you can!

The Time-Lapse
The first disc in Simons lineup is the Time-Lapse, a 12 speed driver – the first 12 speed disc produced by MVP. The Time-Lapse is described like the prototypical distance driver mold that we know from all the other manufacturers – the Time-Lapse flight numbers are 12, 5, -1, 3. The logo brings together growing up in Germany and the philosophy Simon has taken to his life – No limits! When you drive on the German autobahn you will see a sign that means all other rules may be disregarded, here you can drive as fast as you want, there is no speed limit. In many ways Simon has had to live by this philosophy, he has been a trailblazer, walking the path and paved the way for other europeans disc golfers. Simon has always dreamed big and taken steps into the unknown. Simon’s path may not be for everyone, but he is proof of how far you can go beyond your wildest dreams, if you dare and work hard for it. Sometimes that means you have to do it your way, not the way everyone else does it.

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