Axiom Neutron Wrath









175,00 DKK

With the Wrath golf disc from Axiom, you get a versatile and reliable driver perfectly suited for players with different throwing speeds. This disc is designed to meet the needs of both experienced and average players on the disc golf course. For throwers with moderate arm speed, the Wrath will deliver a straight flight with a controlled fade, making it ideal for accurate throws in various conditions. On the other hand, players with high arm speed will experience that the Wrath can shape and deliver long and impressive flights, meeting the demands for stretching out distance lines.



Axiom proudly presents the Wrath golf disc, offering an impressive combination of control, distance, and reliability on the disc golf course. This driver is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of throwers, regardless of their skill level or playing style. Wrath’s design is optimized to deliver consistent results, whether you’re an experienced thrower seeking precision and distance or an average player looking to improve their throwing techniques.

Power throwers will appreciate Wrath’s ability to respond on command and shape itself according to distance lines. This disc can easily be turned to deliver impressive distances while maintaining control and precision throughout the flight. For average throwers, Wrath offers a bit of resistance that can be useful in headwinds and fading lines. Its ability to resist wind and maintain a predictable flight makes it a reliable choice in various weather conditions.

One of Wrath’s most impressive features is its ability to handle low-speed fades, allowing for precise and controlled throws. The moderate fade allows throwers to range their shots and control a turnover line with ease. Whether you prefer throwing backhand or forehand, Wrath’s versatility and reliability will give you the confidence to tackle even the most challenging holes on the course.