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Discover the Axiom Prism Pyro, a groundbreaking overstable midrange driver with a captivating triple-foil stamp. With a Proton core and Prism rim, this dual-toned translucent disc offers more glide than the MVP Deflector while maintaining a commanding stable finish. Perfect for powerful throws and windy conditions, the Pyro ensures consistent flights without compromising accuracy.



Introducing the Axiom Prism Pyro, a revolutionary addition to Axiom’s lineup and their inaugural overstable midrange driver. The Prism Pyro makes a stunning debut with a stock triple-foil stamp, creating an eye-catching design on its dual-toned translucent surface. This disc features a Proton core and Prism rim, combining technology and aesthetics to deliver a disc golf experience like no other.

Designed as Axiom’s first overstable midrange, the Prism Proton Pyro offers a unique blend of stability and glide, setting it apart from the MVP Deflector. The disc is crafted to withstand strong winds and powerful throws while ensuring a commanding and stable finish. This makes the Pyro a versatile choice for players seeking reliability in various playing conditions.

The triple-foil stamp not only adds a visual flair but also signifies the Pyro’s debut as an overstable midrange. The Proton core provides a solid foundation, while the Prism rim contributes to the disc’s dual-toned, translucent appearance. This combination of technology and design makes the Prism Pyro a standout disc on the course, appealing to both experienced players and collectors.

With enough stability to handle consistent flights in challenging wind conditions, the Pyro remains predictable and reliable. It’s the ideal choice for players who demand precision in their throws without sacrificing distance. The commanding stable finish ensures that the Pyro maintains its line and stays on target, making it a trusted companion for both power throws and windy days.


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