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The Fission Time-Lapse, the first 12-speed disc with GYRO Overmold Technology, is designed by Simon Lizotte. It offers the perfect balance of glide and fade, making it both predictable and controllable. With a 22mm rim width and a gentle dome, it feels amazing in hand and is ideal for backhand drives.



The Fission Time-Lapse is the first 12-speed disc to incorporate GYRO Overmold Technology, and it also marks the debut of Simon Line discs, designed by Simon Lizotte himself. This disc combines the best of what a 12-speed can offer. It has enough glide and turn to generate massive flights, but also the right amount of fade to make these flights predictable and controllable.

With a 22mm rim width, the Time-Lapse represents the perfect middle ground between speed and maximum comfort. The gentle dome provides a comfortable feel in the hand and adds extra glide, making it ideal for backhand drives. Whether you’re a high-power player seeking a controllable max-distance driver or a low-power player looking for a reliable distance driver and potential wind fighter, the Time-Lapse will meet your needs.

High-power players will find the Time-Lapse to be a controllable max-distance driver, allowing you to create Simon Lines of your own. Low-power players will love the Time-Lapse as a controlled distance driver and potentially a wind fighter as well. Reide Perigo also assists in debuting the first plastic variation of the Simon Line with the Fission Time-Lapse, known for its lightweight and durability.

The Fission Time-Lapse is not just a technologically advanced disc but also a tool that can elevate your game to new heights. It offers an outstanding combination of speed, control, and comfort, making it an invaluable addition to any disc golfer’s bag. Take control of your distance and enjoy the precision and reliability that the Time-Lapse brings to every throw.

Designed by Simon Lizotte
Try the Fission Time-Lapse today and discover why Simon Lizotte has chosen this disc as his signature model. Regardless of your throwing preferences, the Time-Lapse will help you achieve maximum distances with exceptional control and comfort. Get ready to dominate the fairways with style and precision!



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