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Embark on a disc golf revolution with the Neutron Time-Lapse, the flagship release from MVP’s highly anticipated Simon Line. This 12-speed Distance Driver, the first of its kind from MVP Disc Sports, promises an exhilarating experience with flight numbers of 12 | 5 | -1 | 3. Masterfully crafted for both seasoned and novice players, the Time-Lapse serves as a reliable straight-to-overstable flier for experts and a versatile line-shaping tool for beginners. Elevate your game and embrace the philosophy of “No Limits” with this trailblazing disc in your arsenal.



MVP Disc Sports proudly unveils the Neutron Time-Lapse, a groundbreaking disc that marks the inaugural release in the highly anticipated Simon Line. Noteworthy for being the first 12-speed Distance Driver in MVP’s storied history, the Time-Lapse sets a new standard in disc golf innovation. Boasting flight numbers of 12 | 5 | -1 | 3, this disc caters to a broad spectrum of players, delivering a performance that is both powerful and adaptable.

For experienced players, the Time-Lapse emerges as a dependable straight-to-overstable flier, adding a touch of excitement with flight-extending turns when harnessed by high-power throwers. The disc’s design is a testament to the philosophy embraced by Simon Lizotte – “No Limits.” The logo, inspired by Simon’s upbringing in Germany, draws parallels to the unrestricted speed limits on the German autobahn. Just as one can drive as fast as desired on the autobahn, the Neutron Time-Lapse invites disc golfers to push boundaries and go beyond conventional play.

Simon Lizotte’s journey as a trailblazer is reflected in the disc’s essence. Having paved the way for European disc golfers, Simon’s bold approach to the sport is encapsulated in this 12-speed driver. Dream big, take steps into the unknown, and do it your way – these are the principles that define both Simon’s path and the Neutron Time-Lapse.

For newer players, the Time-Lapse offers a ton of utility, serving as a versatile line-shaping tool and a lofty wind fighter. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for those exploring various disc golf techniques. With a Neutron Time-Lapse in your bag, the possibilities are limitless, echoing Simon Lizotte’s philosophy that sometimes, to reach beyond your wildest dreams, you must dare to be different and work hard for it.


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