Innova DX Leopard









95,00 DKK

Experience the ultimate all-round performance with our Leopard disc golf frisbee. With outstanding glide and easy handling, Leopard is the ideal choice for both new and experienced players. This versatile disc makes it easy to throw long and straight, and it excels as a turnover disc. Regardless of your skill level, you can rely on Leopard to deliver reliable results and enable you to explore different throwing techniques. With Leopard, you can achieve impressive distances and accuracy, and it also functions as a dependable roller disc. Take your disc golf game to the next level with our Leopard frisbee.



Welcome to the ultimate choice in fairway drivers – our Leopard disc golf frisbee. With its remarkable glide and easy handling, Leopard is perfectly suited for any player, regardless of experience. Designed to elevate your game, Leopard offers an exceptional combination of stability and flexibility, making it ideal for throwing long and straight with ease.

For new players, Leopard is the perfect choice as a first fairway driver. Its easy handling and impressive glide allow for confident and precise throws, creating a solid foundation technique and enhancing the enjoyment of the game. It is particularly effective as a turnover disc, allowing for smooth turns and throws that adjust to the terrain.

Experienced players will also appreciate Leopard’s versatility. It provides the opportunity to explore advanced throwing techniques and stretch your distances with “Hyzer Flip” throws. With its reliable stability, Leopard can be a valuable addition to your arsenal, allowing you to tackle even the most challenging courses with confidence.

In addition to its ability to throw long and straight, Leopard also functions as a reliable long-range roller. This makes it a versatile tool that can be adapted to different game situations and terrains, allowing you to adjust your strategy as needed and maximize your results on the course.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Leopard disc golf frisbee is the perfect choice for improving your game and taking your disc golf experience to the next level. With its outstanding performance, reliable stability, and versatility, Leopard will become an invaluable part of your disc golf arsenal and help you reach new heights in the sport.