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Discover a new dimension of precision and control with our Tailor disc golf frisbee. Designed to bring you closer to the basket, Tailor stands out as the ideal choice for both beginner and seasoned players alike. With the ability to adapt to different flight paths at lower arm speeds, Tailor is a reliable companion that allows you to sew the line directly to the target. This disc golf frisbee is particularly recommended for beginners looking to master the art of controlling their throws and for more experienced players seeking a versatile addition to their bag. Achieve accurate throws, long glides, and outstanding control with Tailor.



Immerse yourself in a world of precise throws and impressive control with our Tailor disc golf frisbee. This disc is created with the purpose of bringing players closer to the basket and significantly enhancing their gaming experience. Tailor is not exclusively for beginners; even experienced players will find joy in adding this versatile disc to their arsenal.

For beginners, Tailor allows mastery of throwing techniques at lower arm speeds and offers different flight paths, making it easier to learn precision and control. The disc’s ability to sew the line directly to the target is an indispensable feature for those wanting to improve accuracy and achieve better results on the course.

Even for seasoned players, Tailor is a valuable addition to their bags, opening up a range of possibilities. Use it for precise straight shots, slow-fading hyzers, or sharp-turning anhyzers. When thrown with less power, Tailor enables players to focus on a smooth execution of the throw and achieve excellent results due to its high glide. Increase the power slightly, and watch it flip from hyzer to flat and slowly turn.

Regardless of your experience level, Tailor disc golf frisbee will enhance your performance on the course and provide you with the necessary control and precision to tackle various challenges.


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