Discmania D-Line Felx 2 Glow FD (Bar Stamp)









125,00 DKK

Experience the glow with the Flex 2 Glow D-Line FD (Barstamp), Discmania’s renowned fairway driver now available in Glow D-Line plastic. Offering a bright and long-lasting glow, these discs feature a satisfyingly rigid feel and the expected FD flight characteristics, falling between C-line and S-line FDs in stability. The FD, Discmania’s first Fairway Driver, is celebrated for its straight flight path, high glide, and controllability. Ideal for all skill levels, it’s a versatile disc that becomes a staple in every player’s bag.



Introducing the Flex 2 Glow D-Line FD (Barstamp) – a remarkable addition to the Discmania lineup. This Glow D-Line version of the FD, the beloved fairway driver, introduces a new dimension to your disc golf experience. The glow not only shines brightly for an extended duration but also adds a unique flair to the iconic FD mold.

Known for its straight flight path, exceptional glide, and controllability, the FD has solidified its place as Discmania’s most popular fairway driver. The Glow D-Line FD retains the cherished characteristics of the FD while offering the added benefit of visibility in low-light conditions.

Featuring a satisfyingly rigid feel, these discs maintain the familiar FD flight dynamics, falling in terms of stability between the C-line and S-line FDs. This makes the Glow D-Line FD an excellent choice for players seeking a midrange stability option that bridges the gap between the two.

The FD, Discmania’s inaugural Fairway Driver, has consistently been a top-seller and a staple in the bags of disc golfers worldwide. Its straight flight path and high glide make it a favorite among new players, offering dependability off the tee. For experienced players, the FD opens up opportunities for long anhyzers and hyzer flips, providing a versatile tool for connecting with targets effortlessly.

As a foundation for building your disc golf bag, the FD’s versatility ensures that it’s the disc you’ll reach for repeatedly in various situations. Despite its speed rating, the FD surprises with its impressive glide, allowing players to cover significant distances with ease.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, the Flex 2 Glow D-Line FD (Barstamp) invites you to experience the glow and versatility that has made the FD a timeless classic in the world of disc golf.