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2024-06-19 11:00
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The Vanguard is a reliable fairway driver with a blunt nose and smooth edges, providing a comfortable grip. Perfect for powerful throws with moderate fade, made from Discmania’s most durable C-Line plastic that also glows in the dark.



The Vanguard sets a new standard for reliability in our fairway driver lineup. This disc features a blunt nose, reminiscent of an FD1 or FD3, but with smoother edges and a comfortable grip. Designed to be thrown with force and relied upon, the Vanguard is the disc you can trust when it matters most.

The Vanguard excels in powerful throws, flying straight with a stable line and finishing with a moderate fade. When thrown at steeper angles, it can easily execute hyzer or anhyzer lines that return reliably. This disc is ideal for players seeking precision and control in their fairway drives.

Crafted from C-Line plastic, the Vanguard boasts Discmania’s most durable material. This plastic ensures that the disc retains its original flight characteristics for an extended period, even under demanding conditions. Whether used in heavily wooded areas or on extremely rugged courses, C-Line plastic continues to perform predictably and resists damage better than any other plastic. C-Line discs also offer great grip and a striking see-through appearance, with the added bonus of glowing in the dark.

If you’re looking for a fairway driver that can handle powerful throws and deliver reliable performance in all conditions, the Vanguard is the perfect choice. Try the Vanguard today and experience the difference of a disc that combines durability, reliability, and excellent grip – all in a stunning, glowing package.


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