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2023-08-30 11:00
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Ignite your drive. Embrace the cosmic fury. Secure your Discmania Lux Vapor Logic – Cosmic Fury – Kyle Klein Edition today and witness the transformation of your drives into something truly exceptional!



Ignite your driving prowess with the Discmania Lux Vapor Logic – Cosmic Fury – Kyle Klein Edition. Designed in collaboration with pro disc golfer Kyle Klein, this limited-edition disc is a testament to power, style, and performance. Whether you’re emulating Kyle’s impressive drives or unleashing your own signature shots, the Lux Vapor Logic is your ultimate companion for dominating the fairways.

Key Features:

  1. Unleash the Fury: Inspired by Kyle Klein’s explosive drives, the Cosmic Fury edition of the Lux Vapor Logic channels the energy of his game-changing throws. Experience an exhilarating fusion of style and performance that’s bound to leave an impact on your game.
  2. Durable Lux Plastic: Crafted from Lux plastic, this driver showcases a blend of durability and grip that’s perfect for power shots. With the Cosmic Fury artwork embedded in the luxurious plastic, you’ll stand out on the course while enjoying reliable performance round after round.
  3. Maximum Distance: The Lux Vapor Logic is designed for maximum distance potential. Effortlessly harness the disc’s dynamic energy to send it soaring down the fairway, whether you’re driving with raw power or unleashing a controlled release.
  4. Kyle Klein’s Stamp of Approval: Endorsed by the rising disc golf star Kyle Klein, this limited-edition disc embodies his style and dedication. The Cosmic Fury artwork captures the essence of Kyle’s game, inspiring you to push your limits and strive for greatness.
  5. Versatile Performance: Whether you’re working on your backhand or perfecting your forehand, the Lux Vapor Logic accommodates various throwing styles. Its responsive flight characteristics provide a consistent yet customizable experience, allowing you to fine-tune your throws for optimal results.

Elevate your drives with the Discmania Lux Vapor Logic – Cosmic Fury – Kyle Klein Edition. Unleash the fury within, embrace style and power, and experience the thrill of commanding the fairways like never before. Join the league of players who aspire to match the prowess of Kyle Klein’s game-changing throws.


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