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The Method, an overstable midrange capable of handling professional-level power on both forehand and backhand throws. Beyond its stability, what sets this disc apart is its impressive glide, allowing players ample flight time to shape their throws. On the course, this midrange can withstand considerable torque without turning over and maintains a flat to fade flight down the fairway. If you’re already a fan of the MD4 but seeking a touch more stability, The Method is poised to become your new favorite disc.

Featuring a substantial bead for a natural feel and consistent release, The Method boasts excellent grip in Neo plastic.

Discmania former Pro Simon Lizotte endorses The Method, proclaiming it to be the best midrange he’s tried. Establish your system for achieving lower scores on the course and get your hands on a Method!



Step into the realm of The Method, a midrange disc that not only maintains stability during professionally powered throws but also stands out with its outstanding glide and reliable performance on the fairway. This disc is designed to meet the needs of experienced disc golfers seeking a reliable partner on the course.

With an impressive ability to handle both forehand and backhand throws at a pro level, The Method delivers exceptional stability without sacrificing distance. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to shape their throws without worrying about losing distance. Constructed to cater to the needs of players who already appreciate MD4 but are in search of a bit more stability.

What makes The Method unique is its ability to resist powerful torque without turning over. It maintains an impressive flat to fade flight, making it ideal for precise throws down the fairway. With a substantial bead and a comfortable feel in hand, thanks to the large wavelength, this disc is designed to provide a consistently smooth release, crucial for the accuracy of your throws.

The Method is created with a focus on delivering consistent performance, reflected in its reliable stability and impressive glide. The disc’s large wavelength contributes not only to its comfortable grip but also to its natural feel during throws. Whether you prefer forehand or backhand, this disc will meet your needs and provide a reliable partner on the course.

It’s worth noting that The Method carries the endorsement of Discmania Pro Simon Lizotte, who declares it the best midrange he has ever tried. This further confirms the disc’s impressive features and its ability to meet the needs of even the most experienced players.

So, if you’re seeking a midrange disc that combines stability, glide, and a reliable feel in hand, The Method is the ideal choice. Don’t compromise on your throws—take control of your score on the course by adding The Method to your disc golf arsenal.



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