Discmania Neo Origin (Bar Stamp)









124,00 DKK

Unleash control. Embrace versatility. Get your Discmania Neo Origin today and experience the evolution of your midrange throws firsthand!



Elevate your midrange game to unprecedented heights with the Discmania Neo Origin. Engineered to provide exceptional control, consistency, and versatility, the Neo Origin is a must-have addition to your disc golf arsenal. Whether you’re navigating tight fairways, approaching the green, or seeking pinpoint accuracy, the Neo Origin empowers you to shape your shots with finesse and confidence.

Key Features:

  1. Precise Control: The Neo Origin is your ticket to unparalleled control. With a flight profile that strikes the perfect balance between straight flights and a gentle, reliable fade, you’ll effortlessly maneuver through challenging obstacles and land where you intend, every time.
  2. Confidence-Inspiring Flights: Experience confidence-inspiring flights, whether you’re throwing smooth anhyzers, laser-straight shots, or controlled hyzers. The Neo Origin’s dependable performance ensures that your throws hold their lines, helping you conquer both routine shots and those that demand finesse.
  3. Neo Plastic Innovation: Crafted with innovative Neo plastic, the Origin boasts an exceptional grip that feels comfortable in your hand. Its durable and grippy composition ensures longevity, making the Neo Origin a reliable companion throughout your rounds.
  4. Adaptable Versatility: The Neo Origin thrives in a multitude of situations, making it your go-to midrange disc. From controlled power throws to delicate touch shots, it caters to different playing styles and techniques, giving you the flexibility to take on any challenge.
  5. Consistent Performance: Expect consistent performance from the Neo Origin, round after round. Its flight characteristics remain true, enabling you to refine your throws and strategize with precision.

Step up your midrange game with the Discmania Neo Origin – where control, reliability, and versatility converge. Elevate your skill set, conquer intricate shots, and redefine your midrange potential on the course. Join the ranks of players who trust the Neo Origin for its game-changing attributes.