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2023-08-16 11:00
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Discover the MD3 midrange: precision, driver-like range. Ideal for all skill levels, its glide boosts distance, gentle fade for accuracy. Top team’s favorite, mastering lines and angles, ideal for all. Get yours now, control midrange.

S-Line plastic: glossy, reliable grip from tee to fairway. Durable as C-line. A staple, restocks despite shortages.



The MD3 gets you straight to your destination, with almost driver-like range.

This is a point-and-shoot-midrange to all skill levels. It has a very good glide that enables easier distance and a gentle fade which equals added accuracy.

The MD3 is our most popular midrange disc and the mid of choice for most of our top team members. It’s essentially a do-it-all disc that can handle various kinds of lines in various angles. Great for all skill levels. Take control of the midrange game and get yours today.

Our S-Line plastic has a brilliant semi-glossy finish and a tacky grip to keep your shots tracking tracking every line you put them on, both off the tee and navigating unforgiving fairway lines. Durability-wise, the S-line is a close match of the C-line, meaning you’ll get a long life out of your disc in either material.

This is what we call a stock product, so while temporary shortages may occur, restocks will happen.


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