Discmania SE Golden S-line FD3









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2024-02-29 11:00
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Celebrate 10 years of Discmania USA! From its establishment in 2006 to the first US location in California in 2014, Discmania has experienced remarkable growth. This special edition of the FD3, the “Golden Swirl,” commemorates this milestone. The FD3 is the reliable fairway driver with a low profile and concave inner rim, perfect for windy conditions, forehand, and backhand throws. This batch is slightly more overstable than the standard version but still straighter than previous releases. Perfect for power hyzers, windy days, and various throwing techniques. Join us in celebrating and upgrade your game with an FD3!



Discmania USA marks 10 years of operation with a unique edition of their popular FD3 – the “Golden Swirl”. Established in 2006, Discmania has experienced remarkable growth, and the launch of their first American location in 2014 marked a new era for the brand. This special edition of the FD3 is a symbol of this journey and a tribute to the global community of Discmania fans.

The FD3 is known as a reliable workhorse in the disc golf world. Its low profile, blunt nose, and concave inner rim provide stability and reliability in various conditions. It can handle strong winds, forehand throws, thumbers/tomahawks, and powerful backhand throws with ease. Every player should have an FD3 in their bag due to its reliability and durability.

This particular batch of FD3 is expected to be slightly more overstable than the standard version, but still straighter than previous special releases. This makes it ideal for powerful hyzers, windy days, and various throwing techniques such as thumbers and tomahawks. Whether it’s for power hyzers, utility shots, or overhand throws, the FD3 is the ultimate choice.

Want to be among the first to try this exclusive anniversary edition? Let’s celebrate 10 years of Discmania USA by upgrading your game with the FD3 “Golden Swirl”!