Discmania Sportsack – Bar Logo

85,00 DKK

Sportsack is the indispensable accessory that keeps your hands and disc dry while ensuring a consistent grip. With just a few seconds of rolling the bag between your hands, any moisture and oil are absorbed, restoring your natural grip. Each bag is filled with a bunch of super thirsty Beadsorb beads that are so effective they can dry wet discs in no time and can even be used in rainy conditions. Sportsack leaves no chalky dust or messy residue behind and lasts much longer than rosin bags or other powder-based products. It comes packaged in a zip-lock plastic bag for storage. If the bag becomes wet, continue to use it; it will dry itself out.



Sportsack is the ultimate solution for maintaining a reliable grip during your disc golf game. Whether you’re playing in sunshine or rain, this innovative accessory is crucial for keeping your hands dry and your discs tacky. Designed with the busy disc golfer in mind, Sportsack allows you to enjoy peak performance without worrying about moisture or oil compromising your grip.

The unique technology behind Sportsack lies in its use of Beadsorb beads, which are highly absorbent and effective at drying wet surfaces. With just a few rolls of the bag between your hands, you can feel it absorb any moisture and oil, restoring your grip to its natural state. These beads are not only ideal for drying off your discs but also act as a barrier against moisture, making Sportsack the perfect choice in all weather conditions.

One of the advantages of Sportsack is its clean and efficient design. It leaves no chalky dust or sticky residue on your hands or discs, ensuring that your equipment stays in top condition. Compared to traditional powder-based products or rosin bags, Sportsack lasts significantly longer, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

For added convenience, each Sportsack comes in a handy zip-lock plastic bag, making it easy to store and transport. Even if the bag gets wet during play, you can continue to use it as it has the ability to dry itself out over time.

Featuring the iconic Discmania Bar Logo printed on both sides of the bag, this version of Sportsack also adds a stylish aesthetic to your disc golf gear. Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, Sportsack will be your reliable companion on the course, ensuring that you can fully focus on your game without worrying about wet or slippery hands.