Discmania Swirly S-Line FD SE (2. Sortering)









Original price was: 175,00 DKK.Current price is: 115,00 DKK.

This is a second grade product. The stamp on the disc cracks in the middle, and as a result, a small part is missing. However, it’s only a cosmetic flaw and does not affect the flying capabilities. Save your money and get a disc that is more valuable than what you pay!

The much sought-after fairway driver from Discmania, renowned for its iconic status, is now available in swirly plastic!

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The FD, Discmania’s original Fairway Driver, has consistently held its position as a best-seller in the company’s lineup, establishing itself as one of the most iconic Discmania molds. For individuals embarking on their Discmania journey, the FD proves to be an excellent starting point.

Renowned for its impressively straight flight trajectory, substantial glide, and excellent maneuverability, the FD earns a coveted spot in every player’s Discmania bag. Beginners find solace in its straight-to-stable flight and reliability off the tee, while seasoned players appreciate its point-and-shoot accuracy for seamless connections with the target.

The FD serves as a reliable foundation for constructing a Discmania disc collection, given its versatility that makes it the go-to choice in various playing situations. Despite its speed rating, the FD surprises with its remarkable gliding capabilities, covering impressive distances effortlessly.

This specific Swirl FD marks the inaugural version produced in the Originals line at Discmania’s Swedish factory. Boasting slightly more stability than the standard S-Line FD, this Special Edition effortlessly handles added power in throws and withstands a variety of weather conditions.

Regarding the plastic: Swirl S-Line plastic, known for its grippy and durable qualities, features striking swirl patterns throughout. Swirl patterns may vary, with some discs displaying numerous swirls, while others lean towards a specific colorway.


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