Discraft Putter Line Challenger









115,00 DKK

An overstable putter, amazing for long hyzer putts.



The Challenger™ from Discraft is a remarkable overstable putter that has gained immense popularity among advanced disc golfers. This putter is designed to deliver outstanding performance and precision, making it an essential tool for players looking to improve their putting and approach game.

With its overstable nature, the Challenger™ is perfect for long hyzer putts, where it can navigate around obstacles and deliver precise results. Its stability allows players to apply a significant amount of snap on approach shots, ensuring reliable and consistent flight every time. This feature makes the Challenger™ an ideal choice for players seeking control and precision under challenging conditions.

Although the Challenger™ has been discontinued in X-Line and X-Line Fly Dye, its legacy remains strong among the disc golf community. Many players continue to appreciate its superior performance and durability, which have made it a favorite for many years. Those who have had the pleasure of playing with this disc know that its reliability and performance are unmatched.

Whether you are an experienced player or an ambitious beginner, the Challenger™ will help you achieve better results on the course. Its ability to handle powerful snaps and deliver precise hyzer putts makes it a versatile and reliable putter that can enhance your game in many ways.