Dynamic Discs Lucid Convict









Introducing the Dynamic Discs Convict, a versatile disc golf driver designed to add precision to your game. With its speed of 9 and glide of 4, this disc provides you with control over your throws and allows you to shape your shots as needed. Featuring a slight negative turn of -0.5, the Convict enables you to throw long, straight shots and keep them stable even as they approach the end of their flight. Its fade of 3 provides a reliable finish to your throws, making it ideal for navigating obstacles on the course.

Crafted from Lucid plastic, this disc offers a perfect combination of durability and aesthetics. Lucid plastic is known for retaining its flight characteristics through many rounds, and its transparent design not only makes it beautiful but also easy to track on the course.

The testimony from a member of the Dynamic Discs team confirms the Convict’s qualities as a reliable and shapable driver that inspires confidence and allows for precise throws. With the Convict, you can throw with conviction and shape your game on the course.

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Dynamic Discs proudly presents the Convict, a driver that provides you with the control and versatility needed to master your throws on the disc golf course. Serving as a natural companion to the Felon model, the Convict is designed to deliver the same hand feel but with slightly less stability, opening up new throwing possibilities.

With a speed of 9 and glide of 4, the Convict allows you to throw with precision and control. Whether you need a long, straight shot or a throw with anhyzer that returns to a flat position, the Convict can meet your needs. Its slight negative turn of -0.5 enables you to release the disc straight and watch it glide smoothly through the air before finishing with a reliable fade of 3.

Crafted from Lucid plastic, the Convict offers a perfect balance of durability and aesthetics. This transparent plastic retains the discs’ original flight characteristics even after repeated throws, allowing you to trust that your Convict will perform consistently from throw to throw.

A member of the Dynamic Discs team shares their personal experience with the Convict, confirming its qualities as a reliable and shapable driver. With the Convict, you can trust that your throws will land accurately, and you can shape your game according to the demands of the course.

Whether you’re an experienced player in search of a dependable fairway driver or a beginner looking to improve your throwing technique, the Dynamic Discs Convict is the perfect choice to take your game to the next level.