Dynamic Discs Supreme Obit Sockibomb General









195,00 DKK

The Sockibomb General from Dynamic Discs is a new overstable distance driver in the Supreme Series, designed in collaboration with 2x World Champion Ricky Wysocki. Perfect for high-speed throwers, yet reliable for those with slower arm speeds.



Introducing the Sockibomb General, the latest addition to Dynamic Discs’ Supreme Series, designed in close collaboration with 2x World Champion Ricky Wysocki. This overstable distance driver is tailored for maximum distance flights for players with higher arm speeds, while offering a reliable, repeatable disc for those with slower arm speeds who need to battle the wind.

“The General is the pushing hyzer disc we all needed. You’ll get tons of glide with a reliable finish, whether forehand or backhand,” says Ricky Wysocki. If you want to dominate headwinds and navigate fairways precisely, look no further than the Sockibomb General.

Sockibomb General is crafted from Supreme Plastic, the highest-quality plastic on the market today. Combining a soft feel, rigid rim, and perfect flex, this new plastic provides players with superior grip, durability, and comfort in all playing conditions. No matter the weather, players can always rely on their Supreme Plastic midranges and drivers to give them the advantage they need to conquer the course.

Orbit is the spectacular two-color process that opens up a whole new world of color combinations. No orbits are the same, and each disc features different variations within the disc, making every disc unique and visually stunning.

Whether you are an experienced player looking for a disc to tackle the toughest weather conditions or a beginner needing a reliable and stable distance driver, the Sockibomb General will help you elevate your game with style and precision.