Innova Champion Destroyer









165,00 DKK

Innova Destroyer is a lightning-fast and overstable distance driver that has established itself as the first speed 12 disc on the market. This disc is known for its reliability and versatility on the disc golf course. With its overstableness, it is ideal for both forehand and backhand throws. For intermediate or lesser skilled players, the Destroyer is particularly suitable for forehand throws, as its stability enables it to handle the force of the throw and minimize instability. For more experienced players, the Destroyer exhibits a slight turn before reliably fading at the end of the throw. The Champion plastic type, from which this disc is made, is known for its extreme durability and stability, making the Destroyer a long-lasting choice. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Innova Destroyer will be a reliable companion on the disc golf course.



Innova Destroyer is undoubtedly one of the most groundbreaking disc golf discs on the market. As the first speed 12 disc, the Destroyer has established itself as a true pioneer in the sport. This distance driver is designed to deliver extreme speed and stability, making it an indispensable tool for disc golf players of all levels.

With its overstableness, Innova Destroyer is ideal for tackling long and open fairways. For intermediate or lesser skilled players, its stability allows for precise forehand throws with minimal risk of unwanted turn or wobble. Even during powerful throws, the Destroyer maintains its flight path and delivers reliable results time after time.

For more experienced disc golf players, the Destroyer shows its true potential. While it may initially present a slight turn, the Destroyer’s reliable fade to the end of the throw ensures an accurate and predictable landing. This makes the Destroyer the perfect choice for both long drives and precise approaches, regardless of the course’s demands.

One of the prominent features of Innova Destroyer is its construction in Champion plastic. Champion plastic is known for its extreme durability and stability, making the Destroyer a reliable companion on the disc golf course for a long time to come. This durability also means that the Destroyer retains its flight characteristics for longer than many other discs on the market, making it a valuable addition to any player’s bag.

Whether you’re an experienced disc golf veteran or a beginner on the course, Innova Destroyer will be a reliable and versatile distance driver that can tackle any challenge you encounter along the way. With its extreme speed, stability, and durability, the Destroyer is a choice you won’t regret.