Innova Champion Mako3









165,00 DKK

Experience ultimate control and precision with our Mako3 mid-range disc, designed to deliver a straight flight path with minimal fade. This latest edition is crafted in the revolutionary Champion plastic material, providing a tad more speed compared to the original Mako. With its impressive glide, players gain extra distance on their throws, while the lightweight grip-friendly rim ensures clean and consistent releases. Mako3 is the ideal choice for single-disc rounds, and its versatility makes it an indispensable option for players of all levels.



The Mako3 mid-range disc is not just any ordinary frisbee; it’s an essential companion for any disc golf enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning your journey into the world of disc golf, the Mako3 will astonish you with its ability to deliver precise and predictable throws.

Our Mako3 is specially designed to offer a straight flight path with minimal deviation, making it ideal for situations where accuracy is paramount. With minimal fade, impressive distances can be achieved while still providing players with control and confidence in their throws.

The new Champion plastic material that the Mako3 is made of adds an extra dimension to its performance. It provides a tad more speed compared to the original Mako, making it even more versatile on the course. Thanks to this blend of control, precision, and extra distance, the Mako3 is a popular choice among disc golf players worldwide.

But it’s not just its performance that makes the Mako3 a favorite among players. It’s also incredibly easy to grip and release, thanks to its ergonomic design. This ensures that players can achieve clean and consistent throws every time, leading to an enhanced gaming experience.

Whether you’re playing single-disc rounds or participating in tournaments, the Mako3 will be your reliable companion on the course. It’s not only suitable for experienced players but also for those looking to improve their game and reach new heights in disc golf.