Innova Champion Metal Flake Katana









Katana is crafted with the experienced thrower in mind. Recommended as a downwind driver, it’s ideal for achieving maximum distance on the disc golf course. Hit the angle precisely and watch it soar out of sight. Katana shares physical characteristics with a Boss but boasts flight characteristics akin to a Sidewinder on steroids. Master the technique of Katana and dominate the course. Champion Katanas exhibit slightly different flight characteristics at [13|5|-2|3].



Katana is designed for the experienced disc golf thrower seeking to maximize their throwing distance and dominate the course. Recommended as a downwind driver, Katana allows you to harness the wind to your advantage, achieving impressive distances on your throws. Engineered to fly far and fast, when you hit the right angle, you’ll witness it streak out of sight.

With physical characteristics resembling a Boss but featuring more aggressive flight characteristics comparable to a Sidewinder, Katana is a powerful and impressive disc to have in your bag. Mastering its technique requires some skill, but once you unlock its potential, you’ll experience a whole new dimension of throwing distance and control.

Champion Katanas showcase slightly different flight characteristics compared to other plastic types. With a speed of 13, glide of 5, a negative turn of 2, and a fade of 3, Champion Katanas offer a more stable flight path with less tendency to turn to the side. This makes them suitable for more controlled throws and windy conditions.

Whether you’re a competitive player or simply enjoy a casual round of disc golf with friends, Katana will be a valuable addition to your collection. Master the technique of this powerful driver and discover how you can dominate the course with impressive throwing distance and accuracy.