Innova Halo Star Charger Gregg Barsby (2023)









325,00 DKK

The 2023 Gregg Barsby Tour Series Halo Star Charger features bright flight plates with contrasting chartreuse, purple, pink, or black rims. This high-speed distance driver is perfect for those who crave a more overstable Shryke-type flight or would like a slightly less aggressive Destroyer or Boss. Gregg states that he loves the Charger’s extra speed and appreciates how he can throw it with power for extra-long flights.

The Charger is a straight-finishing, 13-speed driver that can be thrown at full power. For players looking for the consistency of the Destroyer with less fade, try the Charger. For those looking for the big distance of the Shryke, but in a disc that can better handle the wind, try the Charger.

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Gregg Barsby and his touring efforts.

Stamp colors are fulfilled at random. Product photos are a representation of the variation of disc/stamp colors available, and the disc you receive may not match any specific photo.



Introducing the 2023 Gregg Barsby Tour Series Halo Star Charger, a disc golf driver that marries style and performance. This remarkable disc boasts flight plates that are vibrantly colored in chartreuse, purple, pink, or black, creating a striking contrast with the elegant rims. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of flair to your disc collection or simply want a disc that stands out on the course, the Charger delivers both form and function.

In terms of performance, the Charger is a high-speed distance driver that caters to the preferences of players who seek a more overstable flight akin to the Shryke but with a touch less aggressiveness than the Destroyer or Boss. Gregg Barsby, a seasoned professional in the disc golf world, personally endorses the Charger. He attests to the disc’s added speed and highlights how it empowers him to unleash powerful throws for extended flights, making it a standout choice for players who crave those extra-long shots.

The Charger isn’t just about style and speed; it offers a unique flight experience. As a 13-speed driver with a straight finishing characteristic, it can handle full-power throws with ease, giving you consistency akin to the Destroyer but with a milder fade. If you’re in search of that perfect balance between distance and wind resistance, the Charger is a worthy contender. It brings the big distance potential of the Shryke but in a more dependable package that can navigate challenging wind conditions, making it a versatile choice for disc golfers of all levels. So, whether you’re an experienced pro or a casual player looking to up your game, the 2023 Gregg Barsby Tour Series Halo Star Charger is the disc to watch out for on the course.