Innova IT – Fairway Driver









165,00 DKK

Experience effortless precision with the Innova IT golf disc. Designed to fly straight and far, the IT boasts exceptional control and unparalleled glide. Negotiating tight fairways becomes a breeze as the IT’s gentle turn keeps it on the desired path, defying obstacles with ease. Unlike other fairway drivers that fade prematurely, the IT maintains its trajectory from release to landing, making it perfect for standstill and low-ceiling shots that demand distance.

Additionally, its versatility extends to roller shots, where it excels even when fresh out of the box. Elevate your disc golf game with the reliable performance of the Innova IT.



The Innova IT stands as a testament to precision and reliability on the disc golf course. Engineered to deliver straight, consistent flights with remarkable ease, this disc is a favorite among players seeking control and distance in equal measure.

One of the defining characteristics of the Innova IT is its gentle turn coupled with unmatched glide. This combination allows the disc to navigate tight fairways with confidence, making even the most densely wooded courses feel open and manageable. When other fairway drivers might fade prematurely and lose momentum, the IT maintains its line of release, carrying forward with precision and power.

What sets the Innova IT apart is its versatility in various shot scenarios. Whether you’re faced with a standstill shot or navigating low-ceiling obstacles, the IT rises to the occasion, delivering consistent distance with minimal effort. Its reliable flight path makes it a go-to choice for players of all skill levels, providing the confidence needed to tackle challenging shots with precision.

In addition to its prowess as a straight-flying fairway driver, the Innova IT excels as a roller disc, even when brand new. Its stable flight characteristics lend themselves well to controlled rolls, offering players another strategic option to navigate the course and conquer obstacles with finesse.

With the Innova IT in your bag, you can approach each hole with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable disc capable of delivering consistent performance round after round. Elevate your game and experience the difference that precision engineering can make with the Innova IT golf disc.