Innova Mini Glow Marker

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Our Innova Classic-Glow discs are perfect for night golf and UFO photography. These minis glow great and can be charged before you throw them. Weighing about 23 grams, they are lightweight and easy to throw. Their rechargeable glow-in-the-dark plastic provides a unique feel and allows play to continue in the dark. Make your night experiences unforgettable with our Classic-Glow discs.

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Our Innova Classic-Glow discs are designed to illuminate your nocturnal golf experiences and open up the possibility of UFO photography. Weighing about 23 grams, these discs offer a perfect balance of weight and flight characteristics, making them ideal for any skill level. The rechargeable glow-in-the-dark plastic they are made of provides a unique feel, and even in the darkest nights, they light up, ensuring that the game can continue uninterrupted. Their excellent glow and ability to be charged prior to use make them an indispensable companion for anyone looking to enhance their night golf experience. Our Classic-Glow discs are not just a tool for play in the dark but also a symbol of unforgettable moments and fun under the stars. Discover a new dimension of disc golf with our Classic-Glow discs.