Innova Rollo – Midrange









165,00 DKK

The Innova Star Rollo lives up to its name. It’s designed specifically for rolling on the disc golf course, making it an ideal choice for players looking to master the rolling technique. With its impressive ability to roll smoothly and controlled, this disc stands out from others on the market.

In addition to being suitable for rolling technique, the Innova Star Rollo is also a good choice for playing in wooded areas, where its turn and glide make it ideal for backhand shots around corners.



The Innova Star Rollo is more than just a disc – it’s a powerful tool on the disc golf course. As the name suggests, this disc is designed specifically for rolling, and its performance truly lives up to expectations. The light and controlled rolling technique offered by the Innova Star Rollo make it the perfect choice for players looking to improve their rolling technique and explore new strategies on the course.

This disc stands out with its exceptional ability to roll far and accurately. Whether you’re throwing it on flat stretches or in wooded areas, you’ll experience how it glides smoothly and controlled through the air. Its special features allow you to navigate through challenging terrain and execute precise shots around corners with ease.

The Innova Star Rollo is also a versatile disc that can be used by players of all skill levels. For beginners, its light rolling technique can be an introduction to the technique required to master rolling shots. For experienced players, its versatility opens up new strategic opportunities on the course.

Whether you’re using it for practice or competition, the Innova Star Rollo will be a reliable and powerful disc by your side. With its impressive rolling technique and versatility, this disc will be a valuable addition to your disc golf arsenal.