Innova Star Halo Valkyrie









245,00 DKK

Unleash the power of the Innova Star Halo Valkyrie and elevate your disc golf game to new heights. Designed for maximum distance and precision, this high-performance disc offers exceptional versatility on the course.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking extra distance or a seasoned player looking for reliable turnover shots, the Valkyrie delivers unparalleled performance. With its innovative design and superior flight characteristics, this disc is a must-have for any player looking to improve their game.



Experience the ultimate in distance and control with the Innova Star Halo Valkyrie, a premier golf disc engineered for players of all skill levels. Crafted from high-quality Star plastic, the Valkyrie combines durability with superior grip, ensuring consistent performance in any playing conditions.

The Valkyrie’s unique flight characteristics make it a standout choice for players seeking maximum distance. Available in lighter weights, this disc provides new players with extra distance, making it easier to achieve long drives with accuracy. Additionally, lighter weights offer experienced players extreme range when thrown downwind, while maximum weights excel in upwind conditions, providing excellent distance and control.

One of the Valkyrie’s key features is its high-speed turn, allowing for effortless turnover shots and rollers. Whether you’re navigating tight fairways or executing long-range turnover shots, the Valkyrie delivers consistent results with minimal effort. Its reliable flight path makes it a go-to choice for players looking to master a variety of shot shapes and techniques.

The Star Halo Valkyrie is designed to meet the demands of competitive disc golfers, offering a perfect balance of speed, glide, and stability. Its comfortable rim and aerodynamic profile make it easy to grip and release, ensuring clean, precise throws every time. Whether you’re teeing off on an open fairway or navigating wooded terrain, the Valkyrie’s performance will exceed your expectations.

Upgrade your game with the Innova Star Halo Valkyrie and experience the difference in distance and accuracy on the course. With its exceptional flight characteristics and reliable performance, this disc is sure to become a staple in your bag.