Innova Star Rat









Rat is a low-profile, fast-flying midrange disc that excels in forehand approach shots. Designed to handle the power of a forehand throw, it’s overstable for backhand throws. Rat is the ideal choice for players seeking reliable control and precision on the disc golf course. With its low-profile design and fast flying characteristics, Rat can handle even the most demanding forehand approaches with ease, making it an indispensable part of any disc golfer’s bag.



Rat is an exciting addition to your disc golf arsenal, designed to offer reliable control and precision on the course. This low-profile midrange disc is perfectly suited for forehand approaches and excels at handling the power of these throws. Rat is also overstable, meaning it’s suitable for backhand throws and can handle wind and other challenging conditions with ease.

The fast-flying style and low profile make Rat a fantastic choice for players seeking a disc with predictable flight characteristics and a reliable feel in the hand. Whether you’re throwing forehand or backhand, Rat will respond to your throws with precision and stability, making it a versatile disc on the course.

With Rat in your bag, you can feel confident in your approach shots, no matter what type of throw you prefer. This disc is built to handle the most demanding conditions and will help you achieve optimal results on the course every time. With its overstable nature and fast-flying characteristics, Rat is an indispensable tool for any disc golfer striving for precision and control.