Innova Star ThunderBird









165,00 DKK

The ThunderBird is an impressive disc golf disc with strong roots in the sport. Combining the stability of a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie, this disc offers a unique flight path best described as a seasoned FireBird, yet with less fade. The longer and faster TeeBird description also fits this disc’s flight path well. ThunderBird remains predictable even in windy conditions and is the ideal choice for your new favorite long-range placement driver.



The legendary ThunderBird disc golf disc hails from a distinguished lineage of masterpieces within the sport. Engineered to merge the stability of the beloved TeeBird with the impressive speed of the Valkyrie, the result is a disc that stands out as a true champion on the course. Compared to a seasoned FireBird, the ThunderBird exhibits less fade, providing a more predictable and controlled flight path even under challenging weather conditions.

With a flight path akin to a longer and faster TeeBird, the ThunderBird boasts an extraordinary trajectory that impresses even the most seasoned players. This disc isn’t just suited for long-range throws but also for precise placements, making it the ultimate choice as your new favorite driver. Whether facing windy conditions or demanding terrains, you can rely on the ThunderBird’s consistency and versatility on the course.