Kastaplast K1 Glow Grym X 2022









195,00 DKK

Grym X is a stable distance driver that offers a well-balanced combination of accuracy and glide. It is designed to be the reliable and solid main driver that experienced players demand. As the name implies, Grym X is the beefy cousin to our popular Grym. With its stability and reliability, it allows you to throw with confidence and precision, no matter the challenges the course presents. Whether you’re a seasoned disc golf enthusiast or a beginner, Grym X will help take your game to the next level.



Grym X is not just your average distance driver—it’s a powerful tool that provides experienced players with the control and precision they need on the course. With its stable flight and impressive glide, this disc golf driver enables you to achieve impressive distances without sacrificing control over your throw. Grym X is designed to be the dependable main driver in your bag, a disc you can rely on when it truly counts.

This disc is engineered to tackle even the most challenging courses with its rugged and dependable construction. Grym X is built to withstand hard throws and demanding conditions, so you can trust it to perform optimally every time you grip it. Whether it’s windy conditions or rough terrain, Grym X will be your steadfast companion on the course.

With its distinctive design and excellent craftsmanship, Grym X is a disc golf driver that stands out from the crowd. It’s designed to deliver the ultimate combination of precision and control, allowing you to achieve your goals on the course with confidence and style. Grym X is not just a disc, it’s a statement—it shows that you’re a serious player who values quality and performance.

Whether you’re a competitive player or just playing for fun, Grym X will enhance your game and help you reach new heights in disc golf. With its stability and reliability, you can trust Grym X to deliver consistent results every time you take it in hand. So invest in Grym X today and experience the difference it makes for your game.