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2024-06-13 15:00
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Älva is designed for wide fairways and open skies, delivering impressive distance with minimal effort. Perfect for beginners and precision shots, with a wide rim for a steady grip and controlled release.



Experience the light and graceful flight of Älva, a disc crafted for wide fairways and open skies. Älva glides effortlessly over grasslands, covering impressive distances with minimal power, making it ideal for both beginners and those seeking to execute stunning precision shots.

Älva features a wide rim that provides a steady grip and controlled release. This disc requires less power to reach its full potential, making it perfect for new players and for those looking to perform graceful touch shots.

Known as an elusive creature that roams in the stillness of the morning mist, Älva is best used in calm conditions – beware of the wind! While Älva offers incredible flight in tranquil settings, strong winds can affect its performance. For optimal results, it’s recommended to throw Älva in calm and serene conditions.

Kastaplast’s super durable material combines firmness and flexibility, ensuring that Älva withstands the daily challenges on the course. The material offers a good balance between a firm grip and a soft feel, enhancing comfort and control during throws.

Whether you are a beginner looking for an easy-to-throw disc that delivers great results, or an experienced player seeking a disc for precision shots, Älva will be a valuable addition to your collection. Try Älva today and be amazed by its smooth, controlled flight and durable construction.


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