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2024-06-20 15:00
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The Kastaplast K1 Hard Berg X Stacie Rawnsley 2024 is a powerful and wind-resistant putter, designed for secure throws in windy conditions. Its immense torque resistance makes it ideal for both backhand and forehand throws. The sales support Stacie Rawnsley as part of the TOUR SERIES.



Kastaplast K1 Hard Berg X Stacie Rawnsley 2024: Your Trusty Companion in the Wind

The introduction of the K1 Hard Berg X from Kastaplast marks a new era for precise and powerful throws, especially under challenging conditions. As a larger and more robust version of the original Berg, the Berg X offers enhanced performance and reliability in all situations.

Designed for Power and Precision

The Berg X is designed to handle powerful throws at shorter distances without sacrificing precision. This disc is extremely wind-resistant, making it ideal for play in windy weather. With enough spin, the Berg X will fight against any wind and ensure a secure landing with minimal roll effect on the ground.

Familiar Feel with Enhanced Performance

While the Berg X feels familiar in hand, it is an absolute unit in the air. Its flight characteristics are similar to the Berg’s but with improved torque resistance and control. No matter how hard you try, it won’t turn over, making it a reliable partner for both new and experienced players.

Ideal for Sidearm Throws

Thanks to its immense torque resistance, the Berg X is also an excellent option for forehand throws. This feature makes it a favorite among players who prefer sidearm throws, as it delivers consistent performance and control.

Support a Professional Player

This TOUR SERIES product is a specialized fundraiser for Stacie Rawnsley. By choosing the Berg X, you not only support your own development in the game but also Stacie’s professional career.

Choose the Kastaplast K1 Hard Berg X Stacie Rawnsley 2024 for a disc that combines flawless precision with robust strength, while also supporting a professional athlete’s journey in the world of disc golf.


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