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2024-04-18 15:00
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Kastaplast introducer Nord, an overstable midrange disc for disc golf enthusiasts. With a flight rating of 5/4/0/3 and a heavy flight, Nord stands out from other discs on the market by being less deep. This disc not only fills an obvious gap in the lineup but also completes the middle crossing line on the flight chart. With Nord on the left, Göte in the center, and Svea on the right, this trio is perfect for tackling all medium-range shots on the course, in all conditions. The name Nord is not chosen by chance; it is a synonym for the Swedish word “norr,” meaning north. It symbolizes the northern part of Sweden, Norrland, completing our home country.

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Kastaplast’s latest addition to the lineup is Nord, an overstable midrange disc designed to meet the needs of disc golf players at all levels. Nord boasts a flight rating of 5/4/0/3, meaning it has a moderate high-speed turn, high stability, no glide, and a strong fade. This combination makes it ideal for precise throws, especially when a reliable fade is needed towards the end of the flight. What sets Nord apart from other midrange discs is its unique construction, resulting in less depth than many of its competitors. This gives players a unique feel and control when throwing Nord.

Looking at Kastaplast’s lineup as a whole, Nord is not just a new addition but also a necessary one. It fills a clear gap in the product line and completes the middle crossing line on the flight chart. With Nord, Göte, and Svea, this trio represents a complete set of discs covering all possible medium-range throws on the disc golf course. Whether it’s a precise hyzer, anhyzer, or straight throw, Nord has the capacity to tackle them all with ease and precision.

The name Nord is not chosen at random. It is a symbol of northern Sweden, Norrland, and this also carries a symbolic significance for Kastaplast’s home country. With Svea representing Svealand in the middle and Göte representing Götaland in the south, Nord completes the trio of discs symbolizing the whole of Sweden. This connection to the Swedish landscape and culture makes Nord more than just a disc; it becomes part of a narrative of community and pride.