Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg X









145,00 DKK

2024-04-08 10:00
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When facing short distances on the disc golf course and not needing to exert extra power, the Berg X is the obvious choice. With enough spin, confidently throw it towards even the most gusty upshots, and the Berg X will combat the wind and land safely with minimal ground roll. As the big brother of the Berg, the Berg X feels familiar in the hand and its flight is similar too, but it excels in the air. It won’t turn over… no matter how hard you try. Its immense torque resistance also makes it an excellent option for sidearm approaches. K1 Soft is similar to K1, but more flexible and grippier. Just like K1, this plastic comes in both translucent and solid colors. (K1 Soft is the same as the old K2)



When you’re facing short distances on the disc golf course and don’t want to overpower your throw, the Berg X from our lineup is the perfect choice. The Berg X is engineered to tackle even the most challenging wind conditions and ensure a stable and controlled landing. With a solid build and a design reminiscent of the popular Berg, the Berg X is a reliable companion on the course. Its impressive wind resistance makes it ideal for handling windy upshots with ease and precision, giving you confidence in every throw.

The unique construction of the Berg X means it maintains its stability and wind-fighting prowess even when subjected to powerful throws and sidearm approaches. No matter how hard you throw, the Berg X won’t turn over, making it a dependable choice for players of all skill levels. With K1 Soft plastic, you get the perfect blend of flexibility and grip, allowing you to fine-tune your throws as needed.

Beyond its excellent performance on the course, the Berg X is also known for its ergonomic design, providing a comfortable and secure grip. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced player, you’ll appreciate the sense of control and confidence that the Berg X provides. Choose the Berg X for your next throws on the disc golf course and experience a new standard of stability and reliability.