Kastaplast K1 Stål









135,00 DKK

Gain control, control, and more control with our excellent disc golf disc – Stål. When facing a strong headwind or simply in need of that predictable fade to avoid trouble, Stål will be your best friend. Fitting perfectly between our slower Kaxe and faster Grym X, Stål is ideal for experienced players, challenging weather, and precision shots. Stål, Swedish for steel, is the keyword for this reliable fairway driver. It’s stable enough to handle headwinds without turning over or gliding away. Trust Stål for those crucial shots where accuracy is more critical than maximum distance.



With our disc golf disc, Stål, you achieve ultimate control over your throws. Imagine a situation with a strong headwind or the need for a predictable fade to navigate obstacles – this is where Stål shines as your reliable companion on the course. Among our diverse range of discs, Stål fits perfectly between our slower Kaxe and the faster Grym X, making it ideal for experienced players, challenging weather conditions, and precision throws.

The term “Stål” comes from Swedish and means steel – a fitting descriptor for this disc built to be as strong and reliable as the metal itself. The crucial keyword for Stål is control. This fairway driver is designed to be stable enough to handle strong headwinds without flipping over or gliding away. You can rely on Stål for those critical throws where accuracy takes precedence over achieving maximum distance.

Whether you’re an experienced player looking to tackle challenging weather conditions or simply seeking a reliable disc with excellent control, Stål is the perfect choice. It’s crafted to deliver precise and predictable performance, making it an indispensable tool in your disc golf arsenal.