Kastaplast K1 Reko









135,00 DKK

Reko is a reliable putter designed to meet the needs of players at all levels of disc golf. With its comfortable rounded profile and smooth bead, it fits most players’ hands perfectly. It’s easy to grip and throw, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced players alike. The Reko features a strengthened shoulder, adding extra durability compared to the average putter on the market. Its name, “Reko,” is Swedish for good, reliable, or decent. Crafted from K1 Line, Kastaplast’s super durable material with a nice combination of firmness and gumminess, these discs are available in both solid and translucent colors, ensuring reliable performance on the course regardless of the player’s style or the conditions.



The Reko putter is not just an essential part of any disc golfer’s bag; it’s also a dependable companion on any course. Carefully crafted by Kastaplast, a leading name in disc golf equipment, the Reko offers an exceptional combination of comfort, control, and durability. With its rounded profile and smooth bead, it feels natural in the hand, providing a secure grip during the throw. This makes it an ideal choice for both beginners refining their technique and experienced players demanding precision and reliability on the course.

The Reko is more than just a standard putter. It features a strengthened shoulder that enhances its durability, ensuring it can withstand repeated throws and meet the toughest challenges on the course. The name “Reko” is not chosen randomly; it’s Swedish for good, reliable, or decent, and these qualities shine through in this throwing weapon.

Crafted from Kastaplast’s unique K1 Line material, the Reko combines firmness and rubber-like flexibility in a way that delivers outstanding performance. Whether it’s a precise putt, a controlled approach, or an accurate drive, you can rely on the Reko to deliver. Additionally, it’s available in a range of both solid and translucent colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Take your disc golf experience to the next level with the Reko. Whether you’re in search of a reliable putter for daily practice or looking to elevate your game at the competitive level, the Reko will be your faithful companion on the course. Precision, reliability, and durability are the keywords for this putter, making it an indispensable tool for any serious disc golfer.