Latitude 64 Gold Ballista Pro









140,00 DKK

Ballista Pro is the experienced player’s big brother to the Ballista, providing added stability. It’s the perfect solution if you’re seeking a distance driver capable of navigating tight fairways. With an excellent combination of speed, stability, and glide, it’s the go-to disc for all types of distance shots. The Gold Line plastic is the premium blend material. Initially, it features the same brand plastics used in Opto Line, but we’ve incorporated a different polymer to enhance grip without compromising the excellent durability of Opto Line.



Ballista Pro is designed for the experienced disc golf player who demands extra stability and control in their throws. As the big brother to the Ballista, it builds upon its reliable performance but with increased stability, making it ideal for advanced players and those seeking longer distances on the course. This distance driver is perfectly suited for navigating tight fairways where precision and control are crucial.

With its outstanding combination of speed, stability, and glide, the Ballista Pro allows you to achieve impressive results on the course. The speed ensures the disc flies far and fast, while the stability provides control and predictability in the throw. At the same time, the glide ensures the disc floats longer, resulting in impressive distance throws.

The Gold Line plastic is a premium blend that combines the best of Opto Line plastic with enhanced grip. They’ve retained the excellent durability of Opto Line but added a different polymer to provide better grip and control in all weather conditions. This makes the Ballista Pro a reliable choice that can handle even the most challenging courses.

Whether you’re an experienced disc golf player seeking extra stability and control or a beginner looking to improve your distance throws, the Ballista Pro will be a reliable companion on the course. With its outstanding performance and durability, you can trust it to deliver every time you throw it.