Latitude 64 Gold Burst Diamond









135,00 DKK

Diamond Light is the preferred choice of disc for beginners, children, and individuals who don’t have a long throw. Produced only in weights between 140g-159g, it’s designed for easy throwing and control. Featuring an understable flight path with excellent glide and minimal fade, Diamond Light is ideal for those seeking a disc that’s easy to handle and perfect for mastering technique.



Diamond Light is tailored to meet the needs of newcomers to the disc golf scene, as well as younger players or those with more limited throwing abilities. Constructed with a lightweight build, typically between 140g-159g, it’s perfect for those looking to improve their technique and maximize distance without overexerting themselves.

With an understable flight path, Diamond Light offers a predictable and controllable throwing experience. This characteristic is crucial for beginners and players seeking a disc that responds well to less powerful throws. Meanwhile, its excellent glide and minimal fade ensure a smooth and stable flight through the air.

Whether you’re learning the basics or refining your technique, Diamond Light will accompany you on your disc golf journey, helping to build your confidence on the course. This disc is a reliable companion that allows you to focus on enhancing your game without worrying about excessive difficulty or complexity.

With Diamond Light, you can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the course, whether you’re playing casually with friends or participating in more serious competitions. Discover the joy that comes from throwing with this versatile and dependable disc, crafted to meet the needs of both new and experienced players