Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Claymore – Kristin Tattar









195,00 DKK

Introducing Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Claymore – Kristin Tattar Team Series 2024, a versatile frisbee disc for all skill levels. Known for its subtle curve and comfortable grip, it ensures precise throws in any direction. Crafted in premium Gold Line plastic with enhanced grip, each disc boasts a unique two-color Orbit feature, ensuring you stand out on the course in both style and performance.



Welcome to a world of precision and style with Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Claymore – Kristin Tattar Team Series 2024. This disc offers the perfect blend of technical performance and visual appeal for the player who refuses to compromise.

The Claymore boasts a subtle curve and a contoured grip designed to guarantee comfort and control with every throw. Its neutral flight path means you can rely on it in a wide range of game situations – whether you need to throw straight, left, or right. This makes it a favorite among players at all levels.

Our Gold Line plastic is chosen for its superior quality and durability, known from the Opto Line but improved with an additional polymer for an even better grip. The result is a disc that not only lasts longer but also remains reliable under all game conditions.

The Orbit technology in this series introduces an impressive two-color process that not only enhances the discs’ aesthetics but also ensures that no two discs are alike. Each disc offers unique color combinations that make them both small works of art and sports gear.

Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Claymore is part of the Kristin Tattar Team Series 2024, bearing the mark of one of the sport’s most talented players. By choosing this disc, you show your support for Kristin Tattar while also getting a tool that can help you improve your own game.

Whether you’re a tournament player or a weekend warrior, Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Claymore will provide you with the precision and reliability you need to master the course. Get ready to experience the difference with a disc that sets new standards for quality and design in disc golf.