Latitude 64 Grand Orbit Brave Jakub Semerád 2024









210,00 DKK

2024-04-18 15:00
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Brave is a specialized fundraiser product, with proceeds from the sale benefiting Jakub Semerád. This fairway driver will surprise you with its sneaky distance. Built upon the design of our acclaimed Explorer, Brave features a slightly understable flight path and enhanced glide. Whether you’re an amateur seeking distance, or a pro player executing controlled anhyzer shots, your friends will think you are Brave with your game. Royal Grand is our durable premium plastic with great grip that will not fail you, no matter the outside circumstances. It features a soft feel with a rigid rim part with perfect flex. Furthermore, the Latitude 64° Royal Line takes disc golf quality one step further with the innovative NexEdge and NexFeel technologies. The days of sharp flashing are gone as the NexEdge process provides a buttery-smooth feel to the bottom and outer parts of the rim. NexFeel is our new polish technology enhancing the grip and feel of the whole disc surface. Want the best? The Royal discs are made for you. Orbit is our spectacular two-color process that opens up a whole new world of color combinations. No orbits are the same, and every one has different variations within the disc.



Brave isn’t just another fairway driver. It’s a purpose-driven disc, serving as a specialized fundraiser product aimed at supporting Jakub Semerád. As you hit the course with Brave, not only will you be enhancing your game, but you’ll also be contributing to a noble cause. Crafted upon the foundation of Latitude 64°’s highly acclaimed Explorer, Brave boasts a flight profile that balances a slight understability with enhanced glide, resulting in surprising distance potential. Whether you’re a novice player honing your skills or a seasoned pro mastering controlled anhyzer shots, Brave will become an indispensable part of your arsenal.

Constructed from Royal Grand, a premium plastic renowned for its durability and exceptional grip, Brave ensures consistent performance regardless of external conditions. The soft feel of Royal Grand, coupled with the rigid rim, provides optimal flexibility and control, empowering you to execute precise throws with confidence.

Latitude 64°’s commitment to excellence is evident in the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies within the Royal Line. NexEdge and NexFeel innovations redefine disc golf standards, eliminating sharp flashing and enhancing overall tactile feedback. The NexEdge process delivers a seamless, buttery-smooth texture along the rim’s bottom and outer edges, while NexFeel polishing elevates grip levels across the entire disc surface. For those seeking peak performance, Royal discs are the epitome of quality and innovation.

Orbit, Latitude 64°’s proprietary two-color process, adds a touch of uniqueness to every Brave disc. Each disc undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, resulting in distinctive color combinations and variations within the orbit design. Your Brave disc isn’t just a tool for the game; it’s a statement of individuality on the disc golf course.